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Apostle Carolyn M. Logan

Pastor Carolyn M. Logan is the eldest child of Harry W. and Marion D. Moore.  She received the Lord Jesus Christ at an early age.  From a child she has loved to sing for the Lord.  While in high school she and her brother Harry, formed a singing group called, “The Voices of God”.  It was then her ambition to take the world by song.


A native of Newport News, Virginia, Pastor Logan was educated through the public schools system and received her B.S., Degree in Business Administration from Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia.  While in college she became a member of the professional gospel group, Rev. Billy Lee & the Billy Lee Singers of Petersburg, Virginia.  God used this experience to take her evangelistic music ministry to a higher level and expose her gifts through the groups Sunday Morning televised ministry that reached the East Coast.  

After graduation, she relocated to the Nation’s capitol for employment purposes.  It was there that she met her late husband, Ralph J. Logan, Sr.  From this union two children were born, a daughter, Marion and a son, Ralph “Jerome” Jr.  

While sensing a deeper calling, in 1998 Pastor Logan attended The Sword of the Spirit Ministry Bible Institute of Washington, DC, to help satisfy her hunger and understanding of God’s word.  She was ordained as an Evangelist in 2001 while attending and serving at “Wells of Water Holy Evangelistic Ministries”.   In 1999, she began conducting evangelistic services in the D.C Jail,   CCA/Corrections Treatment Facility, various Women Shelters throughout the District of Columbia and the Convalescent Homes in Upper Marlboro, MD.   In 2007 Pastor Logan co-founded the “Professional Progressive Business Fellowship”, a quarterly gathering ministering to business persons, politicians, educators and laymen from all walks of life.   In June of 2010, Pastor Logan stepped out in faith and answered a deeper calling to the pastorate as the founder of “The Redeemed, Blessed & Love Ministries.  On January 15, 2011, she was ordained as Pastor.   After her ordination she enrolled in Bible Faith International Seminary (BFIS) of Smithfield, North Carolina and in 2012 she received her Masters’ of Divinity Degree.  While attending BFIS she was offered two positions, Instructor and Dean of the Waldorf Campus which she served until October 2012.  Her motto is “called to serve & ordained for success…”

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